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Division 1 Team Information

SBR believes that every athlete deserves a right to play with other athletes that approach the game in the same way. They also deserve a coach that will provide the best atmosphere for them to improve as much as they are willing to put effort into their own development.

Division 1 teams consist of athletes that are highly competitive in nature that want to get the most they can out of softball. They will be challenged by the coaches to improve every time they are on the field and so must be able and willing to accept advanced instruction and feedback. This requires a full commitment from the family and the athlete.

Division 1 athletes are selected for their:

  • on-field performance

  • coachability

  • ability to be a good teammate, and

  • willingness to learn and advance in the game of softball

Playing on a Division 1 team requires an extra level of commitment that we want you to be aware of. This may include:

  • 2 practices per week

  • 2 regular-season games per week

  • weekend tournaments (possibly 4 or more weekends at the U15+ level)

  • increased financial requirements and

  • a more competitive approach to coaching

If you definitely do not want your athlete to participate on a Division 1  team please select NO in the dropbox during the registration process.

Division 1 Player ID Camps will be held in September each year. Click here to learn more.


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