Softball Glove

Evaluation Process and Philosophy

At SBR we take our responsibility to provide a fair and transparent evaluation to all players very seriously.

We have spent many hours preparing for and conducting the evaluations and we are constantly looking for ways to improve. 

We wish we could have more opportunities for players to evaluate but the reality is that this must be conducted during the winter and indoor space is at a premium in our area. 

What we are attempting to do is identify all of the players in an age category that fits into the top third of the group, the middle third of the group and the bottom third. We feel our success rate in accomplishing this objective is quite high. The players that are identified as candidates for the Premiere teams are invited to a callback evaluation so the coaches can view them in a smaller group.


All registered players attend one or two evaluation sessions. 

At these evaluations we have six stations for the U10 and U12 players that assess catching, fielding ground balls and throwing, fielding pop flies, throwing accuracy and two stations for batting. At U14 and above, we do not evaluate catching but the rest of the stations are the same.



At each station, we have objective evaluators that assess the outcomes of each player's attempts. While there is an element of subjectivity in some of the elements, mostly the assessment is objective. You can view the Objective Evaluator Guideline and the scoresheets at the link here: 


We also have subjective evaluators at each station. We try to have two for each skill. These evaluators are usually coaches or recently graduated players that have a strong background in softball. You can view the Subjective Evaluator Guideline and the scoresheets at the link here: 


We also have experienced players and coaches that are watching the evaluations to determine the players that will be invited back for an evaluation for the Premiere teams. These observers are instructed to watch the evaluations and determine the players they feel would be suitable candidates for the Premiere teams. They usually work in close concert with the Premiere team coaches. 

Finally, SBR Leadership team members also participate in the evaluations as well. Sometimes as evaluators and sometimes as observers. 

Once the evaluations are complete, all of the objective and subjective scores are entered into a spreadsheet and organized in various ways. The players are ranked on their objective scores, their subjective scores and an average of both objective and subjective rankings. For example, if a player is ranked 7th in objective and 15th in subjective their averaged ranking would be 11th. Finally, the players are given a total cumulative score, which is all of their assessment scores added up.

Also, all pitchers are evaluated. They are subjectively evaluated and this year, they will be objectively evaluated on pitch speed and balls or strikes in a given number of pitches.

All of this information is provided to the coaches at the draft. A draft is conducted for any division that has two or more teams.


To protect the privacy of the player's information the coaches are not provided with the information beforehand and are not allowed to take any material from the draft or discuss player rankings outside of the draft meeting. The coaches then use this information in the way they feel best captures the abilities of the players to select their teams.

The drafts are also conducted in a manner to ensure that players that have earned the right to be at a certain level can play at that level. This is attempted by requiring coaches to select players for the first six positions on their team from the top half of the evaluated players. Players will be ranked based on their Objective and Subjective Average. Once these spots are filled, the coaches can select from any remaining players. Any players not selected will be available in the next division draft.

The Premier and Division 1 teams are selected by the coaches. They are also provided with the evaluation information, the callback session information and any other information they may be privy to regarding a player.

We endeavour to be as open as possible. If you feel that something we are doing is somehow unfair to a player please let us know so we can address your concern and determine if our process needs to be amended. If you have any questions you can also feel free to reach out.

You can contact the Player and Coach Coordinator at