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Evaluation Information 2024

Registration opens Feb 13, 2024

Evaluation Times

Player Evals
February 25 & March 3, 2024

Pitching Evals
March 4, 2024

Location: All evaluations will be held at the Cavalry FC Regional Fieldhouse - 125 Field House Drive East, Aldersyde, AB (Okotoks)

Player Evaluations

All players in U11, U13, U15, U17 & U19 MUST attend an evaluation session. Registration fees include ONE evaluation session. If your player wants to evaluate a 2nd time, there will be an additional $30 fee (space permitted).


When: Choice of either February 25th or March 3, 2024


Pitching Evaluations

U13 - U19 pitchers have the option to evaluate. While not required, pitchers are encouraged to evaluate to assist with team draft determinations. 

Note: There are no pitching evaluations for U9 or U11. All players are encouraged to try pitching at this level. 

For more information please see the players page.

Note: If your player is unable to evaluate, please review the Missing Evaluations process to understand how your player will be assessed and placed. Email to advise. 

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