1. Uniform Pickup

    1. If you can't attend on the 14th the ideal situation is to give your cheques to another parent that can pick them up for you. 

    2. Jersey Bond is $100

    3. Volunteer Bond is $250

    4. You get to keep the pants and hat. 

    5. You have to return the Jersey.

    6. Make sure you let the person know your child's shirt and pant size.

    7. If you can't make arrangements we will have an alternative date closer to the picture day. Once we know the number of people we will set the date.

  2. Infielder Masks

    1. As a leadership team we decided we have seen enough young girls getting hit in the face by batted and thrown balls. It is a very small investment that can be used for multiple years and will prevent stitches, blood, broken teeth and a fear of the game.

    2. We do recommend the wire version as opposed to the plastic ones.

    3. We realize we are a leader in this area but as the largest softball organization in the city we are willing to be thought leaders in this area.

  3. Schedule

    1. Once it is ready the schedule will be available on the Calgary Minor Softball website at this address. You will need to know your team number.

  4. Learn to Play

    1. Will begin in the first week of May (snow willing)

    2. They DO NOT come to the uniform pickup. 

    3. They will get their shirts on the first day or picture day.

  5. Respect in Sport

    1. ALL Families must have a "Parent" Respect in Sport course.

    2. A parent course from another sport is acceptable.

    3. YOU must send the number to your coach who will provide it to SBR.

    4. More info is here:

  6. All players have been placed on a team to the best of our knowledge. 

    1. If you have not heard from your coach, please wait until Wednesday as many coaches were out of town for Easter break. 

    2. If you have not heard by then, please let me know

I hope that answers most questions. 


Thank you. 

SBR Leadership Team

Learn to Play Players

  • LTP players DO NOT participate in evaluations.

  • LTP will begin in the first week of May.

  • You will receive additional information about LTP as the season approaches.



  • The intent of evaluations is to place players on appropriate teams relative to their own and other player's skills.

  • The hope for evaluations is that the information collected will be able to help inform the coaches to be able to select their teams, more about that below.

  • There will be evaluations on two separate Saturdays. Players must attend ONE session and be evaluated. If they want to they can attend a second session. If they attend more than one session their highest score will be used.

  • More information will be posted soon about evaluations on the website.

Team Selection

  • The Premiere and Division 1 teams will continue to be selected by the coaches.

  • The rest of the teams will be selected using a draft process.

  • If there is not yet a coach assigned to a team, the team will be drafted by the Leadership Team and then we will attempt to find a coach.

  • We will be making Div. 1, Div. 2 and Div. 3 teams for U10, U12 and U14. We have found that only having two divisions created excessive gaps in the skill levels on the teams.

  • We will still ensure that the teams remain competitively balanced based on all the information available to us.


Player or Coach Requests

  • As we are instituting a draft we will have very limited control over the makeup of the teams.

  • We do not accept player or coach requests for any level above U10.

  • The Division 1 teams are determined on player merit and the rest of the teams are selected based on a coach draft.

  • In U10 we will accept a request to play with one other player with your registration and provide this information to the coaches during the draft. The coaches will not be obligated to honour this player request but encouraged to do so if appropriate for their team.



  • We continue to look for coaches.

  • If you would like to be a coach or an assistant coach please fill out an application on the registration website

  • If we do not have enough coaches we will have to restrict registrations and all kids may not get a chance to play.

  • If you delay signing up to coach you may miss the opportunity to participate in the draft and select your team or attend coaching training sessions.


If you have any additional questions please check the website at If you still have not found an answer please send an email to Darren at