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How to Become a Coach

SBR would not exist without its volunteer coaches.


Most coaches start with Timbits or U9 and then progress as their child progresses.

If you would like to coach please register here: 

Below is some information about how coaches are selected by SBR.

The Coach Selection Committee (CSC) makes the final decisions on who will coach with SBR. 

The CSC is comprised of the President, Vice-President, Player and Coach Coordinator, and the Treasurer of SBR.


The coach is never selected before the player.

  • What this means is the player has to determine what division they will be in before coaches are selected.

  • If a player has not demonstrated they belong in a division, they will not be placed there simply because their parent is a possible coach.

  • Coaches will only be selected for the division the player has shown they are able to play in.

If a parent is selected as a coach, they will coach their own child. We will never place a player on a different team than a parent/coach.

The Division 1 coaches are selected based on:

  • The CSC's experience with the coach

  • Their softball knowledge

  • How they have demonstrated they are able to manage and run a team.


Once a potential coach is identified, their player must still evaluate in a position that would make them available for a Division 1 team. In the past, the CSC has been aware of potential coaches and their players through past experience coaching the player, watching them play or leading them in skills clinics and this has helped inform the coach decision. It is SBR's practice that a player has to make the team on their own merits before the parent would be granted a coaching position. The CSC and SBR reserve the right to make an exception based on extraordinary circumstances but this situation is very rare.

The balance of the coaches are selected based on the information provided in their application, any prior experience coaching softball, baseball or other sports, and any information the CSC may have about that coach. We also review the coach surveys that were conducted after the season, if the coach is a returning coach.

One of the reasons that we are often short of coaches is that several players, whose parents would be very good coaches, make a division where the coach has already been selected. These parents often become assistant coaches for that team.

Assistant coaches are selected by the Head Coach of a team. During the draft, the coaches are given the information on which players have parents that have applied to be assistant coaches so that they can ensure they will have some help with running their team.

The CSC does take into account any coach training the applicants have. However, we also encourage new coaches to come forward and continue to develop as they coach. SBR will pay for coach training as it is a great benefit to a coach and their players. There is more information about coach training here:


What is the Commitment? 

  • All teams play two nights a week. Games usually start at 6:45.

  • Teams should have at least one practice a week. 

  • However, it is in the coach's discretion to have the players show up a bit early and have a practice before games.

  • At more advanced ages and divisions the expectation for practices increases.

  • Most coaches discuss practices in the parent meeting and what their plans are and the parents can provide feedback on their preferences.

  • All SBR teams are expected to attend the SBR tournament. More info about the tournament can be found on the tournament tab.


What if I have no training at all, can I still coach?

  • The short answer is yes. At the LTP and U9 levels, it is common for coaches to not have any formal training. 

  • In this case, the coach must attend a CMSA training session, which is usually 2-3 hours long, before the start of the season.

  • All coaches must attend an SBR coaching orientation.

  • All coaches must have the Respect in Sport Leaders course.

  • Generally, Head Coaches must have at least the Community Softball training to take their team to provincials. Coaches should check the rules for their age division to be sure.

  • If a coach has completed the Community Softball course they do not have to attend the CMSA coach training session.


There is also an extensive FAQ which contains answers to many of the most asked questions and it can be found here:


If, after reading everything on the Coach and Managers tab you still have questions, please send an email to who will do their best to provide an answer for you. 


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