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With the right softball equipment, you're unstoppable on the field!


Below you'll find a list of:

  • SBR-provided equipment

  • Required equipment provided by the player

  • Optional equipment you may consider


Note: Links cited are for visual purposes only. Shop at your favourite sporting goods store to find all the equipment you'll need.

Equipment provided by SBR


  • All U9 - U19 players will receive a game day jersey from SBR prior to the start of the season. Check the Key Dates page for timing.

  • A jersey bond of $100 must be provided by post-dated cheque only prior to pick up.

  • Jerseys must be returned to SBR at the end of the season in order to have their bond cheque returned.



  • Each player will receive a red SBR visor when they pick up their jersey. Timbits players will receive a SBR baseball cap. This is theirs to keep.

  • SBR baseball caps will be available for purchase in the SBR online store. Shop here!


  • Each team will receive a set of age/size appropriate bats with their team equipment that all players are welcome to use.

  • Players are welcome to purchase and bring their own bats as well. Refer to 'optional' section below.


  • Each team will receive a bucket of practice balls as well as enough game balls for the season. The balls will be part of the team equipment managed by the Head Coach.

  • Softball sizes by age category:

    • TIMBITS: 10" training softball (Reduced Injury Factor ball with soft centre reduces severity of ball impact injuries)​

    • U9: 11" training softball

    • U11 & U13: 11" softball

    • U15+: 12" softball


Equipment provided by the Player




  • Be sure to purchase a softball glove - which are different from baseball gloves!

  • Softball gloves are larger and longer to accommodate the larger softball.

  • On average, youth softball players will use a 10.5" - 12" glove size, depending on age and category.

  • Do not buy a glove your player can grow into. Size correctly for your player's needs this season.

  • Learn more about choosing the right softball glove for your player's needs, especially as they progress.


  • All U9 - U19 SBR players are required to wear a fielder's mask when playing on the infield, including the pitcher.

  • Fielder's masks significantly reduce the risk and severity of injury by a ball, including concussions.


  • All SBR players, including Timbits, must provide their own batting helmet with a metal face mask and chin strap.

  • 'Shake test': to assess for a good fit, place helmet on head and give your head a few good shakes. There should be minimal movement.

  • Learn more about selecting a helmet for your player.


  • All U9 - U19 players will need to purchase BLACK softball pants .

  • There are many brands of ball pants and they all fit a little different. They tend to hit just below the knee to mid-shin.


  • Also referred to as a female jockstrap, this protective gear is required by Softball Alberta.

  • See example here.


  • Hydration is key! Send lots of water!



  • Players are welcome to bring their own bats to practices and games.

  • Purchasing a bat appropriate for your player can be tricky. Refer to this helpful guide to shop like a pro.


  • Players may choose to play in running shoes. The benefit of softball cleats is the added stability and security provided while playing on shale or in the grassy outfield, reducing slips and potential injury.

  • Note: metal cleats are not allowed. Be sure to select rubber studded cleats.


  • Batting gloves can help enhance a player's swing by improving their batting grip while also offering protection from vibrations and blisters.

  • Style is the player's preference. However, the gloves should fit snug yet comfortable.


  • Most teams will select a design for 'team socks' and purchase together. We also recommend having a pair of RED knee-high softball socks on hand as well.

  • Players may want/need a belt to keep their softball pants up. We recommend opting for a RED softball belt to be consistent with SBR colours.

  • Spring season in Calgary is often chilly to start! Wearing or bringing extra layers is highly recommended, including:

    • Long sleeve undershirt to wear under jersey (typically red to match your belt, but check with your team)​

    • Jackets, vests, hoodies, toques, mitts for chilly days

    • Sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, extra hat, chapstick, eye black, hair ties, extra socks are all great accessories to have on hand, too.

  • Check out our online store for SBR branded gear from Fresh Brand Gear!


  • Help keep your player organized and ready to go with a well-designed ball bag

  • Consider a bag equipped to store your player's glove, helmet, bat, cleats, water bottles, sunscreen, extra layers and more!

Where to Shop

Not sure where to shop? Check out the following sporting goods stores to get started!

Questions? Send them to and we'll get back to you!

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