Premier Team Information 

SBR Softball

Community Softball, Competitive Spirit

SBR believes that every player deserves a right to play with other players that approach the game in the same way. They also deserve a coach that will provide the best atmosphere for them to improve as much as they are willing to put effort into their own development. We also believe every player should have an opportunity to try, and develop at, any position they want to try.

To this end, we offer many tiers of softball. From the raw beginner to the advanced player looking to advance their skills, we offer a place for all players.


Premier teams require players with highly competitive natures that want to get the most they can out of softball. They will be challenged by the coaches to improve every time they are on the field and so must be able and willing to accept advanced instruction. This requires a full commitment from the family and the player.

Premier players are selected for their on-field performance, coachability, ability to be a good teammate and a willingness to learn and advance in the game of softball.

Playing on a Premier team requires an extra level of commitment that we want you to be aware of. This may include 2 practices per week, 2 regular-season games per week, weekend tournaments (possibly 4 or more weekends, at the U14 and above levels), increased financial requirements and a more competitive approach to coaching.


If you definitely do not want your child to participate on a Premier team please select NO in the dropbox when registering.

SBR is committed to the CMSA Fair Play statement which reads:

"Calgary Minor Softball considers fair play to be the opportunity for athletes and coaches to have equal opportunities in the game of softball. This principle applies to practice time, playing time, and on-diamond opportunities to foster development."


This means that:


All coaches shall exercise and promote the principles of Fair Play.

Fair Play shall be defined as all coaches taking reasonable measures to ensure players

  • receive proportionally equal playing time on the field during the course of the season regardless of skill.

  • receive equal access to instruction, support and playing time.


Most SBR team also use Universal Substitution during the regular season which means:


·       All players play every game;

·       All players bat every game;

·       No player sits an inning until everyone else has sat an inning;


However, in tournaments, Cities and Provincial playoff rounds the rules and strategic considerations mean the coaches may limit the playing time of some players. This is a rare occurrence, will be based on performance and will only occur in a small handful of games in a given season. It is understood that “regular season” games are learning opportunities and there are no bonuses paid for wins during the year.


We believe that in order for young ballplayers to improve at the sport they need to play the sport. We have found that by encouraging and teaching all players how to play, at numerous positions, we are able to have well-rounded teams and success during game and championship play. We also believe that the player that plays regularly is engaged in the sport, is a positive teammate and is able to perform when called upon.


We understand that some players have aspirations for US scholarships and that is fine. However, the reality is most players will not advance to this level. At SBR we believe that preparing young players to be excellent citizens, role models and lifelong athletes are the goals to focus on. Wins and losses fade over time, but character lasts a lifetime.