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Evaluation Methodology


  • At SBR, we take our responsibility to provide a fair and transparent evaluation to all players very seriously.

  • The objective of the Evaluations process is to identify all the players in an age category that fit into the top third of the group, the middle third of the group and the bottom third.

  • We wish we could have more opportunities for players to evaluate but the reality is that this must be conducted during the winter and indoor space is at a premium in our area. 



  • All registered players attend one or two evaluation sessions. 

  • We have 4 stations that assess the following skills:

    • Fielding ground balls

    • Throwing accuracy

    • Fielding pop flies

    • Batting

  • Each station has 2 - 4 evaluators collecting scores for each player.

  • At times, we have coach observers on the field taking notes and watching all players' behavior and level of interest, specifically for the Division 1 teams.

  • SBR leadership team members also participate in the evaluations as well, either as evaluators or observers. 



  • Once the evaluations are complete, each player is ranked on their average objective and subjective scores.

  • Division 1 call-backs are run by the Division 1 coach approximately a couple of weeks after all evaluations are complete.

  • Once the Division 1 team is selected, coach drafts are conducted to select the Division 2 and the Division 3 teams.

  • We protect the privacy of the player's information by not providing coaches information before the draft, and player ranking is not discussed outside the draft meeting.

  • The drafts are also conducted in a manner to ensure that players that have earned the right to be at a certain level can play at that level.


If you have any questions you can also feel free to reach out to the Player and Coach Coordinator at

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