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Our Responsibility

At SBR, we take the responsibility to provide a fair and transparent evaluation process for all players very seriously.


The objective of the Evaluations process is to identify all the players in an age category that fit into the top third of the group, the middle third of the group and the bottom third.


No teams have been pre-selected prior to all evaluation sessions being completed.


The players selected at the ID Camp the previous fall are not automatically placed on the Division 1 team. They must evaluate at the same time and the same way as all other SBR players.

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How Do We Evaluate?

All registered players must attend at least one evaluation session. Players may attend a second evaluation session if they feel they didn’t perform at their best AND there is capacity in the second session. A fee of $30 will be charged for the second session. That player’s overall score will be used.  We do not use the best score at each station, simply the best “day”.
We have 4 stations that assess the following skills:
  • Fielding ground balls
  • Throwing accuracy
  • Fielding pop flies
  • Hitting
Each station has 2 - 4 evaluators assessing performance and collecting scores for each player according to a pre-set rubric.
The Objective evaluators score the attempt at a station (eg. whether they hit the ball).
Subjective evaluators score the overall performance of an athlete at one station (eg. do they use proper mechanics to field the ball).
At times, we have coach observers on the field taking notes and watching all players' behavior and level of interest, specifically for the Division 1 teams.
SBR leadership team members participate in the evaluations as well, either as evaluators or observers. 
If a player cannot attend either evaluation session, their evaluation scores from the previous year as well as coach ranking will be used (please see Missing Evaluations  process for more information)

Team Selection & Drafts

Following Evaluations, each player is ranked based on the combined weighted average of their objective and subjective scores across all evaluators.


Players ranking in the top 25 within each age group are provided to the Division 1 Coach to review and select between 15-25 players to come back for a second look.


Callbacks are usually run more like a practice and allow the Division 1 coach to see how the players interact with each other and evaluate their technical competency and game sense.


Once the Division 1 team is selected, the Board Executive tiers the remaining players onto Division 2 and Division 3 teams. The Board Executive conducts team creation in this manner to ensure that players who have earned the right to be at a certain level can play at that level.


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