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  • SBR Softball | girls softball | Calgary, AB, Canada

    HOME OF THE ROCK IES REGISTER FOR 2024 SEASON ROCKIES TOURNAMENT PROGRAMS Learn to Play U9 Modified U11-U19 About SBR South Bow River Rockies is a softball club located in southeast Calgary that provides an opportunity for girls from ages 5 to 19 to learn about and play the game of softball. Rockies Softball offers programming that supports athlete growth both physically and mentally in an inclusive, respectful, and positive social environment. SBR Rockies Softball is committed to providing opportunities for our athletes to compete at all levels from A to D classifications in all age categories from Learn to Play (U7) to High School (U19). LEARN MORE

  • Volunteer | sbrsoftball

    VOLUNTEERS SBR Softball Association is run exclusively by VOLUNTEERS. As our club continues to grow, a continued commitment from our members is necessary for our club to be able to operate effectively. The purpose of the volunteer bond program is to encourage more of our membership to become actively involved in making our club the best it can be. ​ Overview: Each family must provide 4 hours of volunteer time per player. ​ This bond is a commitment to provide service or money towards the operation and continued success of the organization. A Volunteer Bond Agreement Form and a post-dated cheque made out to SBR Softball for June 30th of the season year in the amount of $250 per player will be required at the player's evaluation or uniform pick up. Players without a signed form and cheque will be unable to pick up uniforms. It is important that the cheque includes the first and last names of the players. One cheque per player. Your cheque will be destroyed at the end of the season if you have fulfilled your volunteer commitment. ​ For the balance of the volunteer policy please select the "Download Volunteer Policy" button below. General Volunteer Opportunities Uniform Pick-up Volunteers REGISTER FOR THIS ROLE Picture Day Volunteers REGISTER FOR THIS ROLE Evaluation Volunteers Admin Registration desk responsibilities include: - Greeting the players and parents. - Collecting bond cheques - Handing out and collecting pinny numbers REGISTER FOR THIS ROLE Pitching Admin Registration desk responsibilities include: - Greeting the players and parents - Handing out and collecting pinny numbers REGISTER FOR THIS ROLE Ambassador Rockies U15+ players will be a role model to our younger players on the field. Responsibilities include: - Taking the players from the registration table to the waiting area - Help all players get their equipment ready - Lead players through a warm-up - Chaperone players from one station to the next during the session Please note: this position does not count towards your volunteer bond. This is an opportunity for our U15+ players to mentor our younger players and gain some leadership experience REGISTER FOR THIS ROLE Pitching Data Entry Responsibilities include: - Entering the speed of each pitcher's pitch in the Team Genius app (mandatory training session required before evaluations). Minimal softball experience necessary. REGISTER FOR THIS ROLE Station Attendant On-field responsibilities at individual stations include: - Setting up and/or taking down the station - Keeping the players organized - Showing the players the objective of each station - Ensuring all players get through the station in the allotted time REGISTER FOR THIS ROLE Pitching Speed Reader Responsibilities include: - Recording the speed of each pitcher's pitch with a radar gun Minimal softball experience necessary. REGISTER FOR THIS ROLE Bond Manual Bond Roles F.A.Q

  • Evaluations | sbrsoftball

    EVALUATIONS Players MUST attend at least one evaluation session. If they feel they did not perform to their expectations, they can attend a second evaluation for an additional $30 fee, if space allows. Only register for 1 spot first, to allow room for all players. Be advised that the evaluation signup closes at 9:00 am on the day prior to the evaluations so that we can prepare the player lists. Pitching Evaluations are held on a separate day for all pitchers U13 - U19. While not mandatory, they are strongly encouraged to support the coaches in selecting teams. ​There will be no pitching evaluations for U9 or U11 as all players are encouraged to try pitching at this age. All players in U11, U13, U15, U17 & U19 MUST attend an evaluation session. Registration fees include ONE evaluation session. If your player wants to evaluate a 2nd time, there will be an additional $30 fee (space permitted).​ Location: All evaluations will be held at the Cavalry FC Regional Fieldhouse - 125 Field House Drive East, Aldersyde, AB (Okotoks) *If your player is unable to evaluate, please review the Missing Evaluations process to understand how your player will be assessed and placed. Email to advise. Player Evaluations U11 February 25 or March 3, 2024​ 9:00AM - 11:00AM REGISTER HERE U13 February 25 or March 3, 2024 11:00AM - 1:00PM ​ REGISTER HERE U15 February 25 or March 3, 2024​ 1:30PM - 3:30PM ​ REGISTER HERE U17/19 February 25 or March 3, 2024 3:30PM - 5:30PM ​ REGISTER HERE U13 - U19 pitchers have the option to evaluate. While not required, pitchers are encouraged to evaluate to assist with team draft determinations. ​ When: March 4, 2024​ *There are no pitching evaluations for U9 or U11. All players are encouraged to try pitching at this level. Pitching Evaluations U13 March 4, 2024 5:45PM - 6:50PM ​ REGISTER HERE U15 March 4, 2024 7:00PM - 8:10PM ​ REGISTER HERE U19 March 4, 2024 8:20PM - 9:30PM ​ REGISTER HERE Player Information About Evaluations Evaluation Volunteers

  • Equipment | sbrsoftball

    EQUIPMENT With the right softball equipment, you're unstoppable on the field! Have questions: Send them to EQUIPMENT PROVIDED BY SBR RGJ Rockies Game Day Jersey All U9 - U19 players will receive a game day jersey from SBR prior to the start of the season. Check the Key Dates page for timing. A jersey bond of $100 must be provided by post-dated cheque only prior to pick up. Jerseys must be returned to SBR at the end of the season in order to have their bond cheque returned. RC Rockies Cap Each player will receive a ball cap when they pick up their jersey. This is theirs to keep. Rockies baseball caps will be available for purchase in the online store. Shop here! SB Softball Bats Each team will receive a set of age/size appropriate bats with their team equipment that all players are welcome to use. Players are welcome to purchase and bring their own bats as well. Refer to 'optional ' section below.​ S Softballs Each team will receive a bucket of practice balls as well as enough game balls for the season. The balls will be part of the team equipment managed by the Head Coach. ​ ​ Softball sizes by age category: TIMBITS: 10" training softball (Reduced Injury Factor ball with soft centre reduces severity of ball impact injuries)​ U9: 11" training softball U11 & U13: 11" softball U15+: 12" softball EQUIPMENT PROVIDED BY PLAYER (REQUIRED) SG Softball Glove Be sure to purchase a softball glove - which are different from baseball gloves! Softball gloves are larger and longer to accommodate the larger softball. On average, youth softball players will use a 10.5" - 12" glove size, depending on age and category. Do not buy a glove your player can grow into. Size correctly for your player's needs this season. Learn more about choosing the right softball glove for your player's needs, especially as they progress. FM Fielder's Mask All U9 - U19 SBR players are required to wear a fielder's mask when playing on the infield, including the pitcher. Fielder's masks significantly reduce the risk and severity of injury by a ball, including concussions. BH Batting Helmet All SBR players, including Timbits, must provide their own batting helmet with a metal face mask and chin strap. 'Shake test': to assess for a good fit, place helmet on head and give your head a few good shakes. There should be minimal movement. Learn more about selecting a helmet for your player. SPB Softball Pants & Belt All U9 - U19 players will need to purchase black softball pants. There are many brands of ball pants and they all fit a little different. They tend to hit just below the knee to mid-shin. For the 2024 season, all players will receive a purple belt during uniform pickup as part of the new brand launch. PJ Protective Jill Also referred to as a female jockstrap, this protective gear is required by Softball Alberta. See example here . WB Water Bottle Hydration is key! Send lots of water! EQUIPMENT PROVIDED BY PLAYER (OPTIONAL) SB Softball Bat Players are welcome to bring their own bats to practices and games. Purchasing a bat appropriate for your player can be tricky. Refer to this helpful guide to shop like a pro. SC Softball Cleats Players may choose to play in running shoes. The benefit of softball cleats is the added stability and security provided while playing on shale or in the grassy outfield, reducing slips and potential injury. Note: metal cleats are not allowed until U17. Be sure to select rubber studded cleats for younger players. BG Batting Gloves Batting gloves can help enhance a player's swing by improving their batting grip while also offering protection from vibrations and blisters. Style is the player's preference. However, the gloves should fit snug yet comfortable. GB Gear Bag Help keep your player organized and ready to go with a well-designed ball bag. Consider a bag equipped to store your player's glove, helmet, bat, cleats, water bottles, sunscreen, extra layers and more! AA Additional Apparel Most teams will select a design for 'team socks' and purchase together. We also recommend having a pair of purple knee-high softball socks on hand as well. Players may want/need a belt to keep their softball pants up. We recommend opting for a purple softball belt to be consistent with Rockies colours. Spring season in Calgary is often chilly to start! Wearing or bringing extra layers is highly recommended, including: Long sleeve undershirt to wear under jersey Jackets, vests, hoodies, toques, mitts for chilly days Sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, extra hat, chapstick, eye black, hair ties, extra socks are all great accessories to have on hand, too. Check out our online store for Rockies branded gear from Fresh Brand Gear! WHERE TO SHOP SO Shopping Options Not sure where to shop? Check out the following sporting goods stores to get started!​

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  • U9 Modified | sbrsoftball

    U9 MODIFIED Many athletes in U9 are picking up a glove for the first time. The U9 program is designed to foster a love of the game through fundamental skill development and learning how to play the game in a modified and fun environment that will build confidence and friendships and keep them coming back year after year. What You Can Expect - Players will learn and develop the fundamentals of throwing, catching, hitting and base running - Players will get to experience all infield positions, including pitcher and back catcher - Being part of a team and building friendships with common interests - Parents are encouraged to help coaches with drills, field set up, bench assistance, and more - Pre-game warmups (approx. 30-45 mins) - Modified game rules to increase the pace of play, including homerun line and coach pitch. - Home games and away games across south Calgary and Okotoks - Option for additional practices to focus on skill development - Potential for tournament play MORE ABOUT MODIFIED RULES What You Need to Know - Birth years: 2015 & 2016 - Registration fee: $275 - Season dates: April 26, 2024 - June 23, 2024 - Game nights: Mondays and Wednesdays - Game duration: 90 min - Game start time: 6:45PM - Players per team: 7-9 (depending on registrations) - Players on the field: 6 (home run line replaces outfielders) - Softball size: 11” training softballs (softer, indoor balls. Look for NC11S) - Deadline to register: March 19, 2024 - U9 Senior team tryouts: TBD REGISTER FOR THE 2024 SEASON Divisions The 2024 season will run 2 divisions in U9: one Senior team and multiple Junior teams. To be considered for the Senior team: - Your player must attend the U9 Senior Team tryout - The Senior team will be made up of players who have a good foundation of the fundamental skills and understanding of game play. - The team will be selected by the Senior team’s Head Coach. ​ Note: U9 does not participate in the SBR Evaluations process. REGISTER FOR THE U9 SENIOR TRYOUTS Equipment All players will receive a Rockies game day jersey and ball cap. The jersey must be returned at the end of the season while the hat is yours to keep. All other equipment is provided by the player. A list of required and optional player equipment can be found on our Equipment page. MORE ABOUT EQUIPMENT Key Dates Keep an eye on Key Dates on the home page for insight on what's happening when, including picture day, uniform pick up, and more! KEY DATES HERE Bonds Uniform bond - $100 – to cover the cost to replace unreturned or destroyed (beyond expected wear and tear) jerseys. Volunteer bond - $250 – your commitment to provide service or money towards the operation of the organization. MORE ABOUT BONDS Parental Requirements Parents must complete the RC Respect in Sport online course before you'll be able to register your player. Your RIS# will be valid for 3 years. All players are required to provide the following bonds. Bonds represent your commitment to: 1) return your jersey at the end of the season and 2) fulfill required volunteer hours to support the operations of SBR Bond cheques will only be cashed by SBR if the commitments are not fulfilled by the end of the season. Only post-dated cheques will be accepted. Ensure you have cheques on hand prior to uniform pick up. MORE ABOUT RESPECT IN SPORT (RIS) Become a Coach The success of our program is based on parent volunteers! If you’re interested in becoming a coach, head on over to our Coaches & Managers page to learn more and apply. MORE ABOUT COACHING AND MANAGERS

  • Contact Us | sbrsoftball

    CONTACT US Feedback As our SBR Association continues to grow we understand the value of feedback from our athletes, parents, volunteers and coaches. Your feedback allows us to improve our programming, and address any issues as they arise. It also allows us to recognize those people who are doing an amazing job. Therefore we would like to present this outlet as a place where you can share you feedback: Positive, comments or opportunities. Below is a link to confidential form to which you can use to share your thoughts. You can share your feedback anonymously, or provide your contact information. If you provide your contact information it will stay anonymous and it enables us to ask clarifying questions. For a formal complaint contact information is needed so that we can address the complaint, and do an investigation if warranted. ​ ​ SBR LEADERSHIP TEAM FEEDBACK FORM General Information For more information and general inquiries into SBR or any of the information you've seen on the site please email us today! ​ P.O. Box 19504 3000, 356 Cranston Road SE Calgary AB T3M - 0G0 GENERAL INQUIRIES

  • Player Evaluations | sbrsoftball

    PLAYER EVALUATIONS INFO REGISTER FOR EVALUATIONS What to Know Players MUST attend at least one evaluation session. If they feel they did not perform to their expectations, they can attend a second evaluation for an additional $30 fee, if space allows. Only register for 1 spot first, to allow room for all players. Be advised that the evaluation signup closes at 9:00 am on the day prior to the evaluations so that we can prepare the player lists. If you missed the sign-up, you can contact to check capacity. Pitching Evaluations are held on a separate day for all pitchers U13 - U19. While not mandatory, they are strongly encouraged to support the coaches in selecting teams. ​ There will be no pitching evaluations for U9 or U11 as all players are encouraged to try pitching at this age. What to Bring Indoor running shoes (cleats are not permitted on the fieldhouse floors) Appropriate ball clothing - t-shirt, sweatpants or ball pants, hair tied back Ball glove Fielder’s mask Batting helmet with face guard Bat (Optional – We will have bats for everyone but feel free to bring your own) Batting Gloves (Optional) Water Pitching evaluations ONLY – All pitchers must bring their own catcher. When Player Arrives Parents will bring their player to the registration table to check in. Players will be assigned a numbered pinnie that will need to be attached to their front and back. Pinnies must be returned at the end of the session. Players will be assigned to a group. U11 and U13 players will be assigned an Ambassador who will take the players onto the field and help them at each station. Players will be directed to an area where they can leave their coats, boots, and ball bags. Players are free to warm up in the designated location. No throwing until you are on the field. Players will do a throwing warm-up on the field. Parents can watch from the 2nd level. Parents are not allowed on the field. At the start time, players will take their glove, bat, helmet, and water onto the field. Ball bags must be left in the designated area. Players will be led through the stations for the evaluations. After the stations are complete, all players may leave. Remove your numbers and return them to a SBR member at the exit. ​All evaluations will be held at Cavalry FC Regional Field House. 125 Field House Drive East, Aldersyde, AB. Note: If your player is unable to evaluate, please review the Missing Evaluations process. If you have questions, please email . Player Information About Evaluations Evaluation Volunteers

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  • Coach F.A.Q | sbrsoftball

    COACH FAQ Below you will find a frequently asked questions document that we hope answers everything you need to know. If we have missed anything, please let us know at EVALUATIONS Q. When are evaluations? A. Usually the end of February and into March. Q. Why so early? A. For several reasons: 1. That is when the facilities are available. 2. We need time to hold call-backs for Division 1 teams. 3. We need time to conduct the drafts. 4. We need time to complete the rosters and submit them to CMSA. Q. Am I allowed to attend evaluations as a coach? A. Yes. We require coaches with softball knowledge to assist as subjective evaluators. You are free to take notes as well about players you would like to consider. Q. I would like a specific skill evaluated. Can I request that? A. We are open to suggestions but cannot guarantee your suggestion will be accepted as part of the evaluations. TEAM SELECTION Q. How are teams selected? A. The Division 1 teams are selected by the coaches as there is only one of each of those teams. The rest of the teams are selected via a draft. Q. What information is provided to the coach for the draft? A. All coaches will receive a summary of the evaluations of each player. They will also have access to all of the individual scores of every player available to be drafted. Q. When is the information available? A. We provide the information at the draft to control the access to the information and that it is not disseminated improperly. Q. Can I be at evaluations? A. Yes, we require coaches to assist at the evaluations to provide subjective evaluations. You are free to take notes as well about players you would like to consider. SCHEDULE Q. When does the season start and where is my schedule? A. The season usually starts the last week of April but may change a bit each year. The schedule is set by CMSA, they are usually ready mid to late April and they will post them on their website. Go to Schedules/Standings, scroll to your age group, click schedule, find your team name, and click on it and it will take you to your team page. DIAMONDS Q. Do I have an assigned diamond? A. Yes. You will share a diamond with another team in an age group that is opposite nights to yours. For example, if you play Monday and Wednesday, you will share a diamond with a team that plays Tuesday and Thursday. Q. Can I use my diamond at any time? A. Not really. You can’t use it if your sharing team has a home game. However, if they have an away game you can use it. If you want to practice, check with your sharing team to make sure they are not using the diamond, then you can use it. Q. Do I have a permit to be on the diamond? A. During the week, yes. You will get an email with your diamond permit and you should print it out and keep it with you. On weekends diamonds are first come, first served but you should check with your sharing team to make sure they don’t have plans. Q. Can I request a diamond? A. Yes but there is no guarantee you will get your preferred diamond. Some are in high demand. The diamond coordinator will make best efforts to accommodate you or find the next closest diamond. Send your request to EQUIPMENT Q. I have a question about equipment: I don't have a piece of equipment I need, or I need another size of something, or I got a net with a hole in it, or my base broke, or I need different bats, etc. A. Email the following with your request or need: and Q. I heard there is a diamond drag and do I need a truck to pull it? A. We did have diamond drags made up for every diamond this year. They are meant to be pulled by a person. One adult or a couple of players should be able to do it. We encourage you to drag your diamond before every game. The key is in the equipment box. Q. Where do I get a key to the equipment boxes? A. They are handed out with the equipment, usually at the SBR coach orientation. BEING A COACH Q. Do I need to do all these orientations? A. Yes. The CMSA Coach Orientation needs to be taken once by every coach unless you have completed the Community Sport Ongoing (CSOG) training (This used to be called the NCCP Level 1). If you don’t have the CSOG you HAVE to attend the CMSA coach orientation. You MUST attend the SBR coach orientation as well. We discuss our expectations of you, appropriate conduct and numerous other topics. This is mandatory every year. You will receive your scorebook package and equipment as well. If you cannot attend, you must advise us and send someone in your place. PLAYERS Q. My player has a bunch of friends she absolutely MUST play with. How do I arrange this? A. Above U9 there are no friend requests. All teams are selected by the coach (for Division 1 teams) and by a draft for all other teams. Siblings will be selected together but otherwise, we will only grant friend requests in extreme circumstances as determined by the SBR Board. Q. Do all players have to play every game? A. Yes. As part of CMSA, we need to follow their rules. This includes universal substitution. That means all players bat and no player can sit a second inning until all players have sat an inning. Q. I have a player that did not attend a pitching clinic. Is she allowed to pitch? A. Yes. All players that desire to try a position should be given proper coaching and the chance to try that position. If a player wants to pitch, you need to coach them to the best of your abilities. Q. I have some players that are not at the same level as the other girls on the team. Do I still have to play them? A. Yes. All players must have fair playing time throughout a season, including playoffs and provincials. Q. I see in the rules I can sit a player for disciplinary reasons. Can I do that whenever I like? A. The rules allow for this but SBR is very cautious about it being used and would be considered a last resort. You must discuss the situation with the parents and the player and explain why you are doing it. You must also have very good reasons why you are doing it as it is very likely to result in a parent complaint. It would be wise to send the Player/Coach Coordinator an email if you do plan to do this. They are always available to discuss this, or other player concerns, as well. SBR ROCKIES TOURNAMENT Q. Do I have to attend this tournament? A. Yes. This tournament is part of your coaching obligations. It is a great opportunity for extra games and to introduce kids to what a tournament is all about. It is also a great chance to watch some higher-level ball with your team to show them older players playing the game. Q. Do I have to register for the tournament? A. No. It has been taken care of for you. Q. Can I affiliate players for the tournament? A. No, as all SBR players are participating. If you have a situation where you may not have enough players please contact the Player/Coach Coordinator as soon as possible at or the Tournament Coordinator during the tournament. Q. Do I as a coach have to volunteer at the tournament? A. No. Your coaching counts as your volunteer commitment. VOLUNTEERING Q. Does coaching count towards my volunteer commitment? What about other roles? A. The volunteering policy is at this link. One head coach two assistant coaches and one manager are allowed to count their volunteering towards their volunteer commitment. If you have a compelling reason another parent should have their bond covered you can send an email to who will consider your submission. However, it is rare to have these requests approved as the purpose of having mandatory volunteering is that we need volunteers to run all of the activities associated with running a league. If a parent occasionally acts as a scorekeeper or umps a couple of games, they will not get this approved as their volunteering. All parents are expected to assist the team to the best of their abilities. Parents do have the option of paying to not have to volunteer. This allows us to hire for the roles we do not have volunteers for. RAIN OUTS/SCHEDULING MAKE UP GAMES Q. Are games ever rained out? A. Unless you are new to Calgary, you know that the weather in May and June is unpredictable, at best. It is almost certain games will be cancelled during the season. It can be for rain, snow, wind, extremely low temperatures, air quality or darkness. Be familiar with the CMSA weather policy located on the CMSA website. CMSA also has an air quality policy. Q. Who can cancel games? A. If the fields are not playable, or the temperatures are too low, then CMSA will cancel games by 4:00 pm. They rely on the Weather Network as the "official" weather resource: ( If you have an umpire, they can decide that the conditions are not safe and cancel the games. You may not play after the umpire has left after cancelling a game. Q. Who is responsible to re-schedule missed games? A. The head coaches for the two teams need to communicate as soon as possible to find a date and a field that will work for both teams. SBR and CMSA do not re- schedule cancelled games, other than the opening weekend games. Q. What is opening weekend and why does CMSA re-schedule those games? A. At the start of each year, CMSA schedules a weekend of play so that all the teams can get four games in quickly. It is usually the last weekend of April or the first weekend of May. If CMSA can, they will re-schedule the weekend. OPENING WEEKEND Q. What is opening weekend? A. At the start of each year, CMSA schedules a weekend of play so that all the teams can get four games in quickly. It is usually the last weekend of April or the first weekend of May and games may be at different diamonds than what you normally play on. UMPIRE Q. Do all teams have an umpire supplied? A. No teams are guaranteed umpires however depending on how many umpires there are SBR will do there best to support. Q. What do I do if I don’t have umpires supplied? A. You can request umpires by sending an email to If they are able, they will schedule an umpire and you are responsible to pay them at the plate conference before the game. Q. What if I can’t get an umpire? A. If you are the home team, then you must get one of your parents to be the umpire. It is best to explain this to your parents at the start of the year. We suggest making a list and assigning the task to each family on a rotating basis. Then, if they cannot do it, they must find someone to do it. Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends are all acceptable to be the umpire. If no one else will do it, you are going behind the plate. PROVINCIALS Q. What do I need to know? A. Lots of things! For most SBR teams the deadline is June 1 to submit your application with the deadline to submit your roster being June 15. These are strict deadlines. Some of the information you require is on the Softball Alberta website under “Championships” and then “Provincials”. The Provincials entry form is located under the “Forms” tab and then “Provincials”. The form asks you to justify why you selected the division you did. You need to explain why you selected a, b or c for example. The Provincial Roster form is on the same page. Select the age and division you intend to attend. The rules and draw will be there at the top of the page, as well as information about the weekend. Review the provincial rules, the rules don't change much from division to division but do be sure to read the specific rules to your age and division when they are provided.  You need to make sure all of your players are attending. If not, you need to fill out a Calgary Minor Softball Provincial Non-Attendance Form (Link)  If you are picking up players you need to fill out a CMSA Provincial Player Affiliation Form (Link) You also need to know the affiliate rules.  The roster rules are different. Only 9 players can play at a time and the substitutions are more complicated. The rules are at 4-7 of the 2019-2020 Softball Canada Rulebook.  Most provincials play on a Friday. Make sure your parents are aware!  Coaches must attend coach meeting before the tournament. Often 8:00 am on a Friday. You need to be there.  ALL bats are to be inspected at the coach meeting. If it does not have a sticker the bat can be tossed from the game.  IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ASK and CITY CHAMPIONSHIPS Q. What are City Championships? A. At the end of each season, CMSA hosts City Championships for each age division at U9 and above. Make sure your parents know that it can involve weekend play. Q. Where can I find our schedule and rules? A. They are on the CMSA website. Q. What are the rules for City Championships? A. Each division has rules for City Championships. Ensure you review your rules

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